Life Raft Service

All necessary testing is provided from our company in order to ensure they are functionable regardless of the conditions. A wide range of brand-approved spare parts is offered to ensure that the liferafts include only the proper relevant equipment.

 Fire Fighting & Personal Safety

- Inspections and Maintenance of firefighting and personal safety equipment

- Portable and semi portable Fire Extinguishers

- Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

- Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD)

- Medical Oxygen Resuscitators and Cylinders

- Fixed Fire Extinguishing systems (CO2, Foam, Dry Powder, Water Mist, Wet Chemical etc.)

- Immersion Suits and Inflatable Life Jackets

- Air quality test for Air compressors

Global Inspection Services

Our company offers technical support for the service and certification on a worldwide level, through a team of well and continuously trained technicians.

The ability for global service and certification on-board is one of the big advantages of the company.

Our flexible team of technicians, is trained consistently to provide high and professional level of services while working in compliance with local and international regulations.